Geneng has bought Uniquip Pty Ltd

Uniquip had been a customer for Geneng for almost 10 years, so when the opportunity arose to buy the company we jumped at it. Uniquip manufactured its own range of pressed metal parts for the rainwater and steel framed building industries, so it was a perfect match for our existing toolmaking and metal stamping expertise.

We have replaced one of our ageing Sodick Wire Cut Machines

We have replaced one of our ageing Sodick Wire Cut machines with a new, state of the art Sodick. This new VZ300L boasts all of the latest advancements in wire cutting and works beautifully.

The Refurbishment of press is completed

The refurbishment of press is completed including the complete upgrade of the safety system and control panel. Most of the machine functions are operated via the Touch Screen.

The Rebirth of a Magnificent Press for Geneng

After completing my apprenticeship in the late 1970’s, I travelled overseas and worked for a company in Holland. This company used a variety of press types and amongst them were coining presses manufactured by CVA, Sussex, England. I was very impressed by these machines. They had standard features like a low center of gravity because the crankshaft was in the bottom section of the press, variable speed, pneumatic clutch, rack & pinion strip feeding and pulling, a strip cropper, air supported bottom bolster and adjustable, variable flow, positive pressure recirculating lubrication system. Up until that time I had mostly only been involved with ‘C’ Frame type presses and even though some of the CVA features were available on different ‘C’ Frame presses, I had never seen any press with all of these features.

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    • With unreliable deliveries and the amount of rework we had to do with our imported product made it obvious we needed a better supplier.

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    • We were constantly looking for ways to reduce our manufacturing costs. We knew that with one of our products, substantial savings of time and raw material would be achievable if we had better equipment.

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    • We use over 10 million metal stamped parts every year. The supplier of these parts has to be dependable and be able to produce consistent, high quality items.

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