Examples of components that we have designed and built the tooling for, and a sample of the large range of metal products that we manufacture.

Moulded Part
Polycarbonate Assembly
Stamped Structural Bracket
Stamped Steel Bracket
Stamped Spring Steel Bracket
Stamped Galvanised Clip
Stamped Electrical Copper Contact
Stamped Corner Bracket
Stamped Coated Steel Bracket
Stamped And Welded Steel Bracket
Progressively Stamped Stainless Part
Progressively Stamped Clip
Galvanised Steel Bracket
Deep Drawn Part
Steel Clamped Clip
Stamped Steel Spring Clip
Stamped Assembled Aluminium Parts
Stamped Colorbond Bracket
Stainless Steel Parts
Polycarbonate Part
Galvanised Clip
Copper Electrical Contact
Stainless Steel Part
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IMG 2895
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