Metal Stamping

80 ton press showing the SmartPac control system
80 ton press showing the SmartPac control system

We have the capacity and expertise to meet your specific metal stamping needs:

  • 12 presses up to 150 ton capacity.
  • Press speed up to 150 SPM.
  • Servo motor driven strip feeders for accurate and precise pitching.
  • Computerised press controlled stamping process.
  • Stamped materials include coated & uncoated mild steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, brass & aluminium.
  • We currently supply stamped components for industries such as steel framed buildings, decking, security, air conditioning, window dressing, shade and awning, leisure and DIY, fencing, rainwater, electronic and electrical switching.
  • Extra services include deburring, assembly, bagging and labelling with your details and specific quantities.

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  • With unreliable deliveries and the amount of rework we had to do with our imported product made it obvious we needed a better supplier.

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  • We were constantly looking for ways to reduce our manufacturing costs. We knew that with one of our products, substantial savings of time and raw material would be achievable if we had better equipment.

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  • We use over 10 million metal stamped parts every year. The supplier of these parts has to be dependable and be able to produce consistent, high quality items.

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