Our Range of ‘Uni-Quip’ Rainwater Droppers

Rainwater Droppers



Suits 90mm Round and 100mm x 75mm Rectangle.

Small Uni-Dropper / Pop
Small Uni-Dropper

Uni-Dropper – Small

Suits 65mm Round and 70mm x 55mm Square.

50mm Round Dropper / Pop
50mm Round Dropper

50mm Round

75mm Round Dropper / Pop
75mm Round Dropper

75mm Round

90mm Round Dropper / Pop
90mm Round Dropper

90mm Round

100mm Round Dropper / Pop
100mm Round Dropper

100mm Round

150mm Round Dropper / Pop
150mm Round Dropper

150mm Round

100mm x 50mm Rectangular Dropper / Pop
100mm x 50mm Rectangular Dropper

100mm x 50mm Rectangle

100mm x 75mm Rectangular Dropper / Pop
100mm x 75mm Rectangular Dropper

100mm x 75mm Rectangle

90mm Half Round Dropper / Pop
90mm Half Round Dropper

90mm Half Round

100mm Half Round Dropper / Pop
100mm Half Round Dropper

100mm Half Round




  • With unreliable deliveries and the amount of rework we had to do with our imported product made it obvious we needed a better supplier.

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  • We were constantly looking for ways to reduce our manufacturing costs. We knew that with one of our products, substantial savings of time and raw material would be achievable if we had better equipment.

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  • We use over 10 million metal stamped parts every year. The supplier of these parts has to be dependable and be able to produce consistent, high quality items.

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