Geneng are leaders in Toolmaking, Metal stamping and Precision Engineering – with over 35 years experience serving clients around Australia and abroad.

We provide innovative, customised yet sensible and affordable solutions to your manufacturing problem.

We conceive, design, and build the tools and parts you need whether they are metal or plastic.

Whether you need a few hundred or a few hundred thousand units, we can provide you with a reliable and cost effective solution.

At Geneng, we operate our business in an environmentally friendly way.

We use as little electrical power as possible and recycle or reuse material wherever possible.

In order to minimise our environmental impact we:

  • Regularly update machinery with more energy efficient equipment
  • Maintain our compressed air system to minimize air leaks
  • Recycle metal, cardboard, paper and timber waste
  • Filter and recycle all gearbox and hydraulic oils to be reused rather than disposed of
  • 41kw of Solar Power generated

Not only do these measures protect the environment, they also help us to reduce waste and run our business more efficiently.

These savings in turn allow us to provide you with a more affordable service.

Geneng - Toolmaking and Metal Stamping

Why Choose Geneng?

  • We’re focused on solving your manufacturing problem.
  • We look after every stage from design to manufacture.
  • We manufacture quantities to suit.
  • We’re trustworthy, established and local.

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